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The Owner
Our Owner and Director is Gena Stephens. She has owned and operated The Little Schoolhouse Child Development Center since 2013. It has been so rewarding to work and watch all the children that have come through this center. They have all become a part of our family. Our center has always been family-oriented.

It is important to her that the staff and children feel safe and secure. She has worked with The Department of Education for 18 years, serving 8 parishes in the State of Louisiana until settling down and opening The Little Schoolhouse Child Development Center. She has been married since 1986 and has two beautiful daughters.

They have blessed her with 7 grandchildren. She was raised and has been a part of Algiers since she was 10. It has been her honor to give back to her community.

Assistant Director / PreK Teacher
Our Assistant Director is Tina Randall. She is also our amazing PreK teacher. She has been with our center since 2014. She has worked in childcare for at least 15 years. She brings such wonderful knowledge to our center. She has such a passion for the PreK program. She works individually with the children in her class, making sure she is teaching them on the level they need. Going slower for the ones that need a little more time and moving on with the ones that move a little faster. She wants to make sure each child is grasping whatever concept they are working on and keeping others from getting bored.

She also helps with the day-to-day administration needs. She is a wonderful part of our team.

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